Reserving your spot in a game is as easy as sending an Email because that's what you do:

Send an Email to and do the following:

The subject of the Email should be the 4 digit date for the game requested. If you want September 17, the subject should be
0917. If you want October 1, it should be 1001. In the body please put your name, phone number, partner's name and it would
help to have your license plate number for the security gate. You'll get a confirmation Email within 24 hours. Please remember
to add to your allowed list if you have a spam filter.

Since the playing site has added wireless internet capability, I can check late Emails and will check for them right up to game time

If you need to talk to me in person, please call    Sue's cell phone and this is also our text number

(623) 512-2024

Since I'm either driving to the game (I don't use the cell phone while driving-leave a message) or setting up the game, 
please use this method sparingly.