Policies and Procedures

We are fortunate to have the use of our playing area. All of us will follow the rules and policies of the facility and will honor requests from its management. We will leave the area in better or equal condition than we found it. Possession of alcoholic beverages is specifically prohibited in our agreement. In addition, food and drink are unnecessary the first few hours after dinner and none will be provided and players are discouraged from bringing their own. The facility will provide water and players may bring their own bottled water. There is no smoking indoors but smoking is permitted outside, only in the areas designated by the facility.

With many players having to make a reservation to pass through the security gate, we also ask Terravita residents to make a reservation. We can arrange the seating before the players arrive and it will save time.

Bridge rules:

Players who are able to move are expected to sit East-West about 55% of the time. Only those who are immobile will have a North-South all the time. The director will assign seating before the game and players are expected to sit where they are assigned.  The assignments will be made so that the North-South field is the same approximate strength as the East-West field.  Normally, there will be 3 strats in a game and the field will be divided so that one-third of the players are in each strat unless that stratification wouldn't make sense. Bridge starts promptly at game time, players are expected to check in a little before that.

Bridge is a timed event. All players should have an equal amount of time and using an extraordinary amount of time so others have less than a fair share to think is discouraged. Slow play will first be warned, then penalized. Since we are operating on a work night, we strive to be finished with results by ten o'clock. There will be no late plays; slow players won't be able to play every board.

We are a zero-tolerance club. Players should not be satisfied just to be "not nasty" but should strive to make playing bridge a pleasant experience for everyone by actively greeting opponents and taking some responsibility to insure that they have a pleasant environment at your table. It is possible to be competitive and play winning bridge while being actively ethical and have a positive attitude.